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Personal Loan

Cash advance your payday

  1. Offered to private corporation employees who are employed in the company for at least 3 years.

  2. Borrower must physically possess his/her own payroll atm

  3. Must either have a joint checking account with co-maker or co-maker issues personal check

  4. Must have a co-maker

  5. Monthly interest rate is 3.5%

  6. Term of Loan: Maximum of 3 months

Documentary Requirement:

  1. Certificate of employment

  2. SSS ID

  3. Pay slip for the recent 2 months of borrower and co-maker

  4. Payroll bank statement for the past 10 months

  5. PDCs x term of loan by borrower and co-maker

  6. Proof of Billing from borrower and co-maker

  7. 2 government issued ID from borrower and co-maker

  8. Barangay Certification and clearance

  9. 4 pcs 2 x 2 picture of borrower and co-maker